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Car Care Products

Quality Detailing Products

A complete line of vehicle care products for auto detailing and maintenance professionals, car washes. From exterior and interior detailing.
High-performance products to meet your needs.
All products are manufactured in the United States.


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Instead of constantly spending money on car detailing, you can create an arsenal of products that will keep your car in pristine condition and clean.


To ensure that your prospect feels confident about the purchase, our salesman will explain and shows you how to use it.


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 BADARO Glass Cleaner


  • The World's Best Glass Cleaner

  • Excellent for windows, mirrors, windshields, and other glass surfaces

  • Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime

  • Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces

  • Guaranteed to leave no film

  • Contains perfume-grade alcohol for best performance

  • Ammonia-free

  • Clean fresh fragrance

  • Streakless shine


  Net Wt : 19 oz / 539 g

auto cleaner,badaro,car glass foam,car glass cleaner
leather cleaner and conditioner,leather cleaner,conditioner.png

 BADARO Leather Conditioner & Cleaner


  • Cleans, Conditions, Renews, and Preserves Leather Surfaces

  • Contains No Silicones

  • Provides Water Repellent Treatment

  • Like-New Leather Fragrance


  Net Wt : 14 oz / 396 g

car leather-interior-leather and conditi
tire shine.png

 BADARO Low Pro Tire Shine


  • Ideal for use on low profile and other tires

  • Custom spray pattern

  • Self-leveling properties


  Net Weight 14.5 oz. /  411 g

tire spray-tire shine.JPG
interior detailer, car interior, dashboard cleaner.png

 BADARO Interior Detailer


  • Quick Drying & Fresh Scent

  • Greaseless & Streakless

  • Matte Finish

  • Pleasant cherry fragrance

  • Use on Dashboards, Vents, Moldings, Consoles


  Net Weight 12 oz. /  340 g

Badaro Instant Shine.png

 BADARO Instant Shine 


  • Engine Compartments

  • Mouldings

  • Plastic interior and exterior surfaces

  • For use on Vinyl

  Net Weight 11 oz. /  312 g

car instant shine-interior-exterior.JPG
Badaro Air Freshener.png

 BADARO Air Freshener

  • Pleasant, long lasting fragrance 

  • Small 5-oz can-size is easy to use, convenient, and easily reaches into tight spaces

  • Ideal for cars, trucks, boats and RVs

  • Fogging mist that is deep-reaching and effective on odors caused by stains, decay, pet urine, tobacco smoke, and other malodor sources

  • Contains Ordenone®, a unique compound that quickly traps and eliminates odor-causing bacteria

  • Lock the actuator in place for total release spray


  Net Weight 5 oz. /  141 g

Car air freshener.JPG
BADARO® Car Care Products
BADARO® Glass Cleaner

Auto Glass Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto.

Windshield Replacement.Stone Chip Repair.

Car Accessories.Windshield Wiper Blades.Rear Wiper Blades.Rear Wiper Arms.

Headlight and Tail Light Film-Tint.

Paint Protection Film.

Window visor, sunroof visor, rain guard, sunroof deflector.

Phone holder, smartphone holder, tablet holder,bike phone holder,car phone mount.

Badaro wiper blades, badaro special wiper blades, badaro rear wiper blades.

Car care products, glass cleaner, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, wax, fabric cleaner, interior detailer.

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