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Success stories

Eric from Toronto


" The windshield replacement process was easier than I thought. I called and received a quote on my Ford windshield, we scheduled an appointment and then were here at 11 am this morning and had it replaced in less than an hour and 15 min the work was great, and I am glad to be without that crack in my windshield! I called a few auto glass shops in the area and the prices were much higher. Call these guys if you want a good auto glass technician at a low price."




Tom from Mississauga


 " I took my Hyundai Sonata here for headlights tinting and these people did a great job. The car looks very nice after the tints. They were very helpful in deciding which tint shade to put on my headlights so it does not look too dark or too light. In the end, it came out perfect. Great prices! The tint looks awesome too. Thanks, guys! Highly recommend "




Mark from Etobicoke


" Don't go cheap on the windshield, I did on my last car and it was a big mistake. Not all auto glass jobs are created equal; you definitely get what you pay for. This time I wanted to do it right. Wonderful customer service and the cleanest windshield installation I've ever seen. Worth every penny! Will definitely come here again "




John from Toronto


" Paint Protection FilmBest investment I ever had on my car! Fast service, very pleased with my purchase. This product should come as a standard option on any automobile. Keeps my pride and joy looking new. Great job!!! "




George from Hamilton


" I came in this shop last week for some tinted taillight covers. . That was my first impression with Ray Auto Glass. Their selection was ridiculous. I was not sure if their price would be as good as the prices I saw online. I personally don't want to deal with ordering online so that is why I went out to look around in this shop. Surprisingly, it was a very good price. I was happy with that. Money well spent. My car looks so cool with the smoke taillight….thank you guys!!!….great job!!! "




Jessica from Etobicoke


" I called Ray Auto Glass and got a quote on replacing my driver’s side car window due to a break-in. The price was very good less than most other places. They replaced the entire car window in about in 1.5 hours. I was so glad to have my car secure again. The service was wonderful and the price was great, you guys made my day. I will be keeping your website saved on my computer just in case I need a good auto glass shop in Mississauga again."




Peter from Mississauga


" I had two stone chip damages on my car and I did a bit of research online and read many reviews for companies in the Mississauga area. After looking at all my options, I decided to go with Ray Auto Glass. Not only am I extremely happy with my choice, but I would also highly recommend Ray Auto Glass to anyone with windshield repair needs. The owner was very nice and professional. He took the time to make sure that one of the stone chips would look as good as it could. That's a comfort especially when you don't know anything about how the repair process works "




Angelo from Oakville


" I wanted to write you and say how much I have enjoyed the Paint Protection film that you installed on my 2011 BMW M3. For the past year, it has completely protected my car and has kept it looking brand new! I previously owned a 2008 BMW M3 and had decided NOT TO cover the car with protective film and I realized I had made a major mistake. The front end and other parts of the car had to be repainted and the car was only 2 years old. It was tragic and I vowed never to make that mistake again. I sincerely appreciate your customer service attitude and very good work what you did in my car "




Lucy from Mississauga


" I had a small chip in my windshield. I did a ton of research because I didn't want to have to replace the whole windshield just because of it (especially since the windshield costs $600!!). I called quite a few places to see if they did repairs and everywhere else said they only did replacements. I was extremely happy when I called Ray Auto Glass and the actual repairman answered the phone and was able to tell me everything I needed to know and inform me that yes, they would repair the chip for $35.00 "




Jeff from Toronto


" I am writing to say how happy I have been with the Paint Protection film that was applied to the hood and bumper of my vehicles. The film has protected my car's paint from stone chip damage and has ultimately helped to maintain the trade in value. The guys at Ray Auto Glass were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and detailed. I will definitely be bringing in my next new car for the application of paint protection film, I recommend the product. I also highly recommend you to those purchasing new vehicles or those re-painting major sections on their vehicle "




Louie from Hamilton


" Ray and his wife Doris took such good care  of me. I drove all the way from Hamilton on sunday and looked after my windshield, nobody in my home town could match the price, never mind getting it done on sunday.TY SO MUCH GUYS "



Bob from Toronto


“Best tint shop around. I have been a client of Ray Auto Glass for over 12 years. I will only trust him to tint my cars. He is knowledgeable, fair, and professional. No problems with any of my cars. As a matter of fact, I have referred friends and family there. And we have all been happy repeat customers.



                                                                         Sarah from Brampton


"I normally don't take the time to write a testimonial letter but after the excellent service we received from Ray Auto Glass, I just had to do it.

An awesome job was done on my 2016 BMW. The tint job was incredible. I highly recommend them and I would NEVER think of going to anyone else.”








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Windshield Replacement.Stone Chip Repair.

Car Accessories.Windshield Wiper Blades.Rear Wiper Blades.Rear Wiper Arms.

Headlight and Tail Light Film-Tint.

Paint Protection Film.

Window visor, sunroof visor, rain guard, sunroof deflector.

Phone holder, smartphone holder, tablet holder, bike phone holder.

Badaro wiper blades, badaro special wiper blades, badaro rear wiper blades.

Car care products, glass cleaner, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, wax, fabric cleaner, interior detailer.

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